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2010 Winemaker’s Cook-Off

By August 7, 2010Past Events

Rockin’ R Winery at the 2010 Winemaker’s Cook-Off

at Paso Robles Hot Springs on August 7


The organizers told us, “There are No Rules! Do whatever you need to win.” We asked, “Are you sure?” And they repeatedly repeated, “Really, there are no rules. Do whatever you want”. Hehehe… I guess they have never dealt with real Rock-Rs! 😀

Yep, even before the event began, as we were stting up, they suddenly discovered some rules, and were telling us to re-configure our creatively arranged booth, which was complete with a lounge area and bar tops to dance upon.

Then they kept coming around and asking us to turn our music down (seems our sound system was more powerful than the main PA for the entire event…hehehe).


So, we didn’t score any points with (or awards from) the organizers, but we did ROCK the crowd!

Every time someone gave us their vote ticket, we gave them a little rockin’ song and dance snippet and slapped ’em with a Rockin’ R bottle label.

Big Dan worked his grill magic on Dean’s recipes, two different skewers to be paired with two distinct Super-Roblan wines. Chocolate truffle treats and “Rock-R for a Day” passes were used as “bribes” to collect vote tickets.


Our booth volunteers, Rock-Rs, and new groupies were so great to party with! By the end of the event we had quite a crowd gathered at our booth, singing and dancing and raging. So, of course, the organizers again came by and this time asked us to turn OFF our music (which we did — for a few moments). But then we said, F-it! We’ere Rock-Rs and launched into our typical group encore of Bohemian Rhapsody followed by Rage Against the Machine and other crowd favorites until we had completely taken apart our booth. BTW, all of our newly acquired fans seemed to quite fine with ignoring “the new rules” and simply partying on!


The next day we threw a FREE BBQ party at the winery which was announced only to those who had attended the Winemaker’s Cookoff. Many thanks to Nicolette for splendily performing most of the BBQ duties so Dean could attend to R-winery visitors.


In the end, Rotary raised over $70,000 for scholarships from the participation of 40 wineries, all of which donated all foods, wines and labor. Rockin’ R Winery was proud to be a part of this most-successful-ever Winemakers’ Cook-Off event, but next time let’s hope for less “rules”……after all, we can’t help ourselves, WE ARE ROCK-Rs!

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