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2013 Bottling

July 10, 2013

What a difference a decade makes!

Rockin’ R has gone from a garage band to the headliner. Just 10 years ago,
Dean engineered a home-made, gravity fed bottling line inside the garage at his ranch and now…
the Castoro bottling truck is parked in front of the winery and ready to perform.


Maestro Dean orchestrates this slick operation with the assistance of the cool Castoro crew and loyal band members. Danny unpacks the empty glass onto the production line, where R-bottles are filled, labeled and corked. Full bottles are kicked out to Gina and Diane who pack the cases and feed them through the automatic tape dispenser and down the roller ramp.


Back in the day, band members used hand wands equipped with plungers to fill the empty bottles before passing them off to Chelsea to cork by hand. While that helped develop some awesome arm muscles – it was strenuous work. These days, Chelsea is happy to be part of the pallet crew and slaps on R-label along with the date/bonded winery number stamp.


It’s a wrap! R-wishful thinking… Roberto, with only 56 cases on the pallet – we’ve got more than 700 to go. We have to Do It Again with 8 unique wines to bottle.


While the modern, high-tech additions reduce the work load, each band member lifted 24,000 pounds of wine on bottling day.


Most of the 792 cases were loaded onto pallets, wrapped and loaded into the refrigerated truck.


However, we’ve got to have R-backstage stash too! Several cases are reserved for R-tasting room, R-library and Rock-R shipments.


R-2011 reds, 2012 white and rose’ and 2006 dessert wine are bottled! While the band members are finished with their set, Dean’s work continues.

This year’s bottling was a more efficient and high-tech process than the one experienced ten years ago ~ yet there is one constant force… the Rock-R behind the operation. He’s the real deal ~ owner, winemaker, accountant, tasting room manager, cellar rat, musician, and Rockin’ host.

R-Thanks to everyone on this fantastic 2013 bottling team.

Want to volunteer for the next crush or bottling?
Send email inquiries to: rockinRwinery@att.net