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R-Fan Club Open House Rocked!

By September 10, 2013Blog

The Crush-R hears Dr. Dean manned the BBQ for three straight days in the sweltering heat ~ drinking Pink! (the newly released Rosé). Rock-Rs stopped by to enjoy the BBQ’d goodies, sample other new releases (Remain in Light and Go Your Own Way), and taste wonderful food-wine pairings such as Europa and Revolution matched with herbal sauces (chimichurri and pesto made from scratch by Rock-R Angie). Deeeeelish!!

While enjoying great food and wine, Rock-Rs grabbed the mics and belted out some karaoke. But Dean, wasn’t karaoke intended to be a late night activity?

Dean may want to re-think his drink… does he really want to be sweaty and smokey for 3 straight days? Or should he host a catered event where he can spend his time singing, socializing and partying like a rock star? What do you think Rock-Rs?
If you attended R-Open House, did you enjoy the casual Open House format? Or do you prefer a one night barnburner?

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