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R-Website and Facebook Page?!

By December 13, 2013Blog

Hey Rock-Rs, what do you think of R-new website design?
This is the new cornerstone of communications with R-Fan Club and the public in general.

R-blog is open to your replies and comments, although the Crush-R reserves the right to sift the gems from the rabble.

I’ll dig through my quarry every few days to excavate all your fun commentary and photos.

I won’t stand for any personal pummeling of anyone! After all, we don’t want relationships to become rocky.

Be polite when grinding out your postings or I may be forced to smash ‘em into dust.

Remember, people who live through glass interfaces, should not throw stones.
I won’t hesitate to hurl boulders right back at ya.

On that note, the Crush-R has also gained control of the Rockin’ R Facebook page.
Yeah, I know you might be surprised to hear that a Rockin’ R Winery FB page even exists…. thanks to Dino’s dinosaur attitude.
(He correctly reminds us that the winery does have indoor plumbing.)

Help the Crush-R show Ol’ Doubtful Dino how cool it is to be part of the larger Rock-R community.
In order to completely crush this, let’s get every single Rock-R to like R-Facebook page right now and send us a friend request, too. (https://www.facebook.com/RockinRWinery)

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