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Rockin’ R (finally) Dives into the Ravin’ New Millennium!

By February 3, 2017Blog

Yep, we R very old school! Dinosaurs. Crusty and dusty. We love that old time Rock-n-Roll.

But we also like Rockin’ R World.

So without further ado, Rockin’ R Winery is finally diving into the great big ocean the modern world calls social media. If the president of the U.S. can spit forth uncensored raves from his non-secure cell phone in the middle of the night, what the hell could Dean possibly do that would be that disastrous?

The Crush-R is awakening from its Yeatsian slumber and slouching, once again, toward Bethlehem to be born. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, you name it! Of course, Dean-o-saurus is loathe to actually be present on social media daily-by-day and minute-by-minute, so he is going to once again rely upon the anonymous Crush-R to respond, moderate, poke, annoy, and otherwise communicate in these forums.

As always, if you REALLY want to talk to our owner and winemaker, call his cell phone or send an email to one of his many addresses.

But if you wanna have some social media fun, please forward your most irreverent and laughter inducing replies to the blog posts which we hope will soon be regularly filling this digital space.

And, of course, enjoy some fine wine while you whine!


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