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Save The Date… Raving Rock-R Rendezvous coming April 22, 2017

By February 3, 2017Blog

With some energetic new additions to R-band, in addition to your already favorite gals, Gina & Jo, the next Rendezvous is planned to be a RAVE!

Wine pong? Why not?
Costume contest. Check.
Awesome music. Check.
Glow-in-the-dark accessories. Check.
Dancing? Of course!
Singing and karaoke? Natch!
Trance-jammin’ DJ? Wouldn’t be a rave without that!
Winemaker willing to stay until the last Rock-Rs wanna head home (usually dawn)? As always!

Tickets will be limited to respond to snag yours as soon as the formal announcement hits your inbox or phone.

Pump it up!

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