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Spring 2016 Rock-R Rendezvous

By May 8, 2016Blog

The theme was a Lil’ Country and a Lotta Rock-n-Roll !

The Spring Rock-R Rendezvous was held at Rockin’ R Ranch.

R- Guests arrive to check out the future home of the Rockin’ R Winery tasting room.

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R- Assistant Winemaker, Brett welcomed Rock-Rs, friends and familythumb_IMG_0142_1024

Both Country-style and Rock & Roll foods were paired with R-wines, including R-newest reds (4 new reds debuted at the event)thumb_IMG_0166_1024






R-guests enjoyed the music stylings of ODONOVAN, a country/rock band from the Central Coast. Their unique brand of “Redneck Rock” has won them multiple awards. Both Rock and Country fans love ODONOVAN.thumb_IMG_0236_1024

A beautiful spring event at Rockin’ R Ranchthumb_IMG_0221_1024 thumb_IMG_0225_1024 thumb_IMG_0189_1024



As the evening continued, R-guests rocked out to ODONOVAN. R-Winery sponsored the release of their CD entitled Outlaw, which Rock-Rs received in their Spring Wine Club Shipment.thumb_IMG_0340_1024thumb_IMG_0332_1024 thumb_IMG_0337_1024 thumb_IMG_0261_1024 thumb_IMG_0331_1024 thumb_IMG_0314_1024

A fun-filled evening with music, wine and friends!thumb_IMG_0295_1024thumb_IMG_0280_1024thumb_IMG_0365_1024thumb_IMG_0319_1024thumb_IMG_0324_1024 thumb_IMG_0284_1024 thumb_IMG_0255_1024

Once Rock-Rs were sated with food, wine and live music… the night continued with karaoke and madness.thumb_IMG_0373_1024 thumb_IMG_0372_1024 thumb_IMG_0370_1024

Thanks to R-Band for another successful Rock-R Rendezvous! Until next time…

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