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The Crush-R Is In!

By August 15, 2013Blog

I’m IN!!!
Who am I? The Crush-R!
It is my mission to crush Dean’s antiquated belief that computers and social media are nothing more than a fad.
He’s such a technological dinosaur that he spends hours writing HTML in an attempt to maintain the Rockin’ R Winery website — how 1995!!!

Many of us have been telling Dean that social media is valuable and Rockin’ R needs to get up with the times. He is quick to espouse that the way he’s been doing it is working, but we’re not convinced. R you?

After sharing several bottles of wine, we badgered him enough that he relinquished control of the winery website. What do you know… Dean uttered his favorite word ~ YES!!! (which is also an Agreeable Super-Roblan Red).

We’re taking Dino-the-Dinosaur from Flintstone’s Bedrock to the stellar galaxy of the Jetsons. While he’s on board with R-development of an ultra-modern website, he continues to be a stick in the mud about launching an interactive social media component.
So, unbeknownst to him, the Crush-R is taking control and we’re live.


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