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National Drink Wine Day!

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Yes, it’s true – today is National Drink Wine Day!

A day worth celebrating, not only for the pure enjoyment of sipping a glass of wine, but reaping other benefits as well.

Studies have shown that drinking wine (in moderation) has many health benefits including a healthier heart, boosting immunity, protection against cancers, promoting weight loss and stronger bones, as well as improved mental health.

While those benefits may be reason enough, wine serves other purposes ~ it provides a compliment to a wonderful meal, gives you an excuse to go wine tasting, makes a great hostess gift and tastes divine!

“Drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of life’s most civilized pleasures.” – Michael Broadbent

Raise a wine glass in celebration…Here’s to a healthy, happy life!

Best of Central Coast Music CD Release Coming Soon

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As we have for the past 4 years, Rockin’ R Winery has teamed up with The New Times Music Awards to produce a “Best of the Central Coast ” CD featuring nearly 20 songs submitting over the past year.

The NTMA show took place on 11/11/2016, featuring Rockin’ R Wines plus an eclectic array of musical styles and performers from all across the central coast of California.

Rock-Rs (R-Fan Club members) will receive a complimentary “Best Music of 2016” CD along with their Spring 2017 wine club shipment ($20 value). We hope you will all enjoy it.

Rockin’ R Winery sponsors the NTMA CD production and distribution of 1,000 CD copies as a way of promoting local music and thanking local musicians who keep R-faces smiling and R-toes tapping.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Save The Date… Raving Rock-R Rendezvous coming April 22, 2017

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With some energetic new additions to R-band, in addition to your already favorite gals, Gina & Jo, the next Rendezvous is planned to be a RAVE!

Wine pong? Why not?
Costume contest. Check.
Awesome music. Check.
Glow-in-the-dark accessories. Check.
Dancing? Of course!
Singing and karaoke? Natch!
Trance-jammin’ DJ? Wouldn’t be a rave without that!
Winemaker willing to stay until the last Rock-Rs wanna head home (usually dawn)? As always!

Tickets will be limited to respond to snag yours as soon as the formal announcement hits your inbox or phone.

Pump it up!

Rockin’ R (finally) Dives into the Ravin’ New Millennium!

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Yep, we R very old school! Dinosaurs. Crusty and dusty. We love that old time Rock-n-Roll.

But we also like Rockin’ R World.

So without further ado, Rockin’ R Winery is finally diving into the great big ocean the modern world calls social media. If the president of the U.S. can spit forth uncensored raves from his non-secure cell phone in the middle of the night, what the hell could Dean possibly do that would be that disastrous?

The Crush-R is awakening from its Yeatsian slumber and slouching, once again, toward Bethlehem to be born. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, you name it! Of course, Dean-o-saurus is loathe to actually be present on social media daily-by-day and minute-by-minute, so he is going to once again rely upon the anonymous Crush-R to respond, moderate, poke, annoy, and otherwise communicate in these forums.

As always, if you REALLY want to talk to our owner and winemaker, call his cell phone or send an email to one of his many addresses.

But if you wanna have some social media fun, please forward your most irreverent and laughter inducing replies to the blog posts which we hope will soon be regularly filling this digital space.

And, of course, enjoy some fine wine while you whine!


New Times Music Awards Show: “Best of 2016”

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The New Times Music Awards show happened this past weekend (11/11/2016), featuring Rockin’ R Wines plus an eclectic array of musical styles and performers from all across the central coast of California.

Rock-Rs (R-Fan Club members) will receive a complimentary “Best Music of 2016” CD along with their Spring 2017 wine club shipment ($20 value). We hope you will all enjoy it.

Rockin’ R Winery sponsors the NTMA CD production and distribution of 1,000 CD copies as a way of promoting local music and thanking local musicians who keep R-faces smiling and R-toes tapping.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Spring 2016 Rock-R Rendezvous

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The theme was a Lil’ Country and a Lotta Rock-n-Roll !

The Spring Rock-R Rendezvous was held at Rockin’ R Ranch.

R- Guests arrive to check out the future home of the Rockin’ R Winery tasting room.

thumb_IMG_0145_1024 thumb_IMG_0138_1024 thumb_IMG_0135_1024 thumb_IMG_0123_1024 thumb_IMG_0126_1024 thumb_IMG_0127_1024 thumb_IMG_0128_1024 thumb_IMG_0132_1024 thumb_IMG_0122_1024 thumb_IMG_0121_1024 thumb_IMG_0218_1024 thumb_IMG_0215_1024 thumb_IMG_0202_1024 thumb_IMG_0206_1024 thumb_IMG_0207_1024 thumb_IMG_0209_1024 thumb_IMG_0195_1024 thumb_IMG_0188_1024 thumb_IMG_0184_1024 thumb_IMG_0182_1024 thumb_IMG_0170_1024 thumb_IMG_0172_1024 thumb_IMG_0174_1024 thumb_IMG_0179_1024 thumb_IMG_0167_1024 thumb_IMG_0165_1024 thumb_IMG_0163_1024 thumb_IMG_0160_1024 thumb_IMG_0152_1024




R- Assistant Winemaker, Brett welcomed Rock-Rs, friends and familythumb_IMG_0142_1024

Both Country-style and Rock & Roll foods were paired with R-wines, including R-newest reds (4 new reds debuted at the event)thumb_IMG_0166_1024






R-guests enjoyed the music stylings of ODONOVAN, a country/rock band from the Central Coast. Their unique brand of “Redneck Rock” has won them multiple awards. Both Rock and Country fans love ODONOVAN.thumb_IMG_0236_1024

A beautiful spring event at Rockin’ R Ranchthumb_IMG_0221_1024 thumb_IMG_0225_1024 thumb_IMG_0189_1024



As the evening continued, R-guests rocked out to ODONOVAN. R-Winery sponsored the release of their CD entitled Outlaw, which Rock-Rs received in their Spring Wine Club Shipment.thumb_IMG_0340_1024thumb_IMG_0332_1024 thumb_IMG_0337_1024 thumb_IMG_0261_1024 thumb_IMG_0331_1024 thumb_IMG_0314_1024

A fun-filled evening with music, wine and friends!thumb_IMG_0295_1024thumb_IMG_0280_1024thumb_IMG_0365_1024thumb_IMG_0319_1024thumb_IMG_0324_1024 thumb_IMG_0284_1024 thumb_IMG_0255_1024

Once Rock-Rs were sated with food, wine and live music… the night continued with karaoke and madness.thumb_IMG_0373_1024 thumb_IMG_0372_1024 thumb_IMG_0370_1024

Thanks to R-Band for another successful Rock-R Rendezvous! Until next time…

R U Ready to Party?

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“Get Your Kicks on Route 66!”

Join fellow Rock-Rs, Dean and R-crew for a Rockin’ Good Time on Saturday, July 12th at 6:00 pm

Party-goers can count on enjoying R-wines along with N2Events amazing edible creations, while rockin’ out to the live music of Tres Gatos from 6-9pm.

Rock-Rs and guests are encouraged to participate in numerous contests from best dressed rockers to Guitar Hero to Karaoake .

So, put on your 50s and 60s party duds along with your dancin’ shoes for this fun-filled Summer Event.

Question is…. Will you party until sunrise?



Pete Lacey: Hornithology ~ CD Release with March Rock-R Shipment

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We R-proud to announce the release of Pete Lacey’s Hornithology

Pete Lacey makes Jazz Rock! The CD collection of new songs, plus remixed/remastered classics will be included in Rock-Rs Spring 2014 Shipment.

How awesome is it that your Rock-R membership not only provides you with amazing wines, but keeps you up-to-date on the latest musical releases?!

Learn more about R-Featured Artist


R-Website and Facebook Page?!

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Hey Rock-Rs, what do you think of R-new website design?
This is the new cornerstone of communications with R-Fan Club and the public in general.

R-blog is open to your replies and comments, although the Crush-R reserves the right to sift the gems from the rabble. Read More


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The 2013 wines are all safely in barrel and hibernating for the winter. Now, maybe Dean can get some shut eye, too…

But wait! The Crush-R just heard that crazy guy has decided to sit at the bar — I mean, for the California Bar Exam this coming February! Is he nuts? Read More

Post-Harvest W(h)ining or (G)rumbling?

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The Crush-R is feeling a little blue since the 2013 crush is over. Ya know, kinda like the day after a long anticipated party? (Would you call that w(h)ining? Or (g)rumbling?)

Dean’s focus has now shifted to post-Harvest chores like racking and tasting through all of last year’s wines (twelve different varietals), culling out old barrels, and satisfying a dizzying amount of government paperwork.

Oh, it must be a tough job…thieving wine from dozens of barrels – swirl, taste, spit. Are we supposed to feel bad for you, Dean?

Did YOU Do the Harvest Stomp?

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During the Harvest Festival, Rock-Rs were invited to foot stomp grapes for the Rockin’ Stomp4Arts. For generous donors to the local arts (just $5 or more), it was a smashing good time (some might say Crushing! ;-))

Once again, Rockin’ R provided great antipasti and BBQ’d treats backstage for their loyal Rock-Rs.

FYI – we’re still working to squash Dean’s skepticism about Social Media.
If you have any pics or quips to share, post them now!!!

Listen to the Music?

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So, have you had a chance to listen to the New Times Music Awards CD yet?

The NTMA CD has been pounding in Crush-Rs quarry for the past few weeks. Some of my favorites include: Hollywood (Vincent Bernardy – Rock/Alternative), 12 Rounds (Group Home Music – Hip Hop) and Catskills (Country/Americana/Folk).

What were your favorite tracks?

R-Fan Club Open House Rocked!

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The Crush-R hears Dr. Dean manned the BBQ for three straight days in the sweltering heat ~ drinking Pink! (the newly released Rosé). Rock-Rs stopped by to enjoy the BBQ’d goodies, sample other new releases (Remain in Light and Go Your Own Way), and taste wonderful food-wine pairings such as Europa and Revolution matched with herbal sauces (chimichurri and pesto made from scratch by Rock-R Angie). Deeeeelish!! Read More

R-Fan Club’s Tasty Open House

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Rather than a one night Rock-R Rendezvous, Rockin’ R is hosting an Open House Pick-up Party for the entire weekend of September 6-8, 2013.

The Crush-R hopes to see you there! (Will you be able to spot the Crush-R? If so, come say, “High?”)

New Times Music Awards Rocked

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A case in point of Dean’s failure to capture the social media audience…I bet none of you even knew that Rockin’ R sponsored the New Times Music Awards CD release, right?

This past Thursday night at SLO Brew, top local artists took the stage to perform their original songs (and the Crush-R was there). The live-judged show featured winners in six genres and the crowd rocked out to everything from folk to hip hop. Read More

The Crush-R Is In!

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I’m IN!!!
Who am I? The Crush-R!
It is my mission to crush Dean’s antiquated belief that computers and social media are nothing more than a fad.
He’s such a technological dinosaur that he spends hours writing HTML in an attempt to maintain the Rockin’ R Winery website — how 1995!!! Read More