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We are now signing-up R-Fan Club Millennium Rock-Rs (we are capping R-Fan Club at 1,000 members). If you are a Top 500 Rock-Rs, guard your coveted spot dearly. We are VERY loyal to R-Fan Club members!

R-Loyalty Program

Your Rock-R discount starts at 25% but increases by 5% after your 4th shipment (to 30%) FOREVER! Wine discounts are good for both club shipments and all other purchases you make throughout the year (by phone, online, or at R-tasting room). At Rockin’ R Winery, your support and loyalty are rewarded!

R-Ambassadors of Rock

In 2017, we continue enlisting existing Rock-Rs as R-Ambassadors to quietly spread R-little secret to your best friends and family: Let them know that R-Fan Club will be limited to 1000 Rock-Rs… after that, it will be waiting list only. Until then, outsiders will just have to wish they had secured Rock-R specific advantages when they could have joined in R-early years.

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